Contact a Speeding Ticket Lawyer and DUI Defense Attorney in Independence, MO

From the second you see the lights, or fly by the squad car, the worrying starts. So, you got a ticket … now what? Traffic tickets can add points to your record and cause your insurance rates to soar.

Don’t want your insurance to go up? Let us help you!

Most tickets do not require a court appearance or office visit. And, we can help ensure that your driving record stays clean after the fact. Any ticket not taken care of correctly can become a problem. DUI and alcohol related tickets can carry especially serious consequences, including license suspension, jail time, and heavy fines – consequences which will affect your life for years to come. We handle all types of cases every day. Rest assured that we can help you with your situation. Give us a call or send us an email. Independence Traffic Tickets serves the entire Kansas City Metropolitan Area in Missouri, including the areas of Independence, Lee’s Summit, Kansas City, Raytown, Liberty, and Grandview. Request free consultation with an experienced attorney today.

Next steps for DUI offenders:

A DUI charge does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. There are methods that can help you beat a DUI case. Your first step is to have your arrest details evaluated by our team for free.