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How it works: Reduced and amended charges

What most folks want is for their ticket to not be reported for points or insurance purposes. This keeps your insurance rates down and you driving privileges safe.

We do this by plea bargaining for a reduced or amended charge. Most commonly the tickets are amended to “defective equipment”. Prosecutors do this, once you hire a lawyer, to keep their dockets moving. They know that lawyers can make the tickets much more complicated than it is worth to them. So they routinely agree to lesser charges for increased fines. Fines vary greatly depending on speed, which court and your record.

Here's how to do it:

  1. 1) either fill out the information form or call us. 
  2. 2) We will call or email you with the costs. No obligation or charge for this.
  3. 3) If we reach agreement we will arrange for payment which can be over the phone, online or in person. 
  4. 4) Once we accept the case we will go to work to arrange a reduced charge, go to Court for you, pay the fines and court costs with the money you provide for that, then send you the court receipts to show you all this is done.

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